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26 Nov 2012

Of the approximately 296 million people living in the United States, about 800 of them are members of the elite secret society of Skull and Bones. For such an incredibly small percentage of the population, they are able to wield incredible networks of power. If Heath Miller Steelers Jersey anyone doubts this, they need only look at the 2004 Presidential election. For all of their supposed animosity, both Bush and Kerry are members of the same secret society. It is incredibly hard to break this veil, as members are to never speak of the society. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, during the 2004 election, NBC's Tim Russet asked Bush about his membership in Skull and Bones, to which Bush replied, "It's so secret we can't talk about it." Russet also asked Kerry what it told the people that both he and Bush were both members of the society, Kerry replied, "Not much, because it's a secret." In fact, Skull A.J. Green Bengals Jersey and Bones protocol holds that if they were asked about it during a debate, both men were to silently walk off stage. While such comments are not evidence of a grand conspiracy, the secrecy certainly allows for great speculation.

What is known about the society is that it was founded in 1832 at Yale by a student named William H. Russell. Upset by the Phil Dawson Browns Jersey state of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society, Russell brought together Troy Polamalu Steelers Jersey the most promising students in his class, determined to create the most powerful secret society ever formed. It was known as the "Brotherhood of Death," or "The Order of Skull and Bones."

Every spring since then, the 15 members of Skull and Bones, who are all departing seniors, select 15 members who they feel are destined for power. 60 Minutes has called it "the best-connected white man's club in America," and "a social and political network like no other." Recently, however, they have selected some minorities and began to allow women in 1991 after a court battle which found old bonesmen, including William F. Buckley, LaMarr Woodley Steelers Jersey James Harrison Steelers Jersey fighting against it, claiming it would lead to date rape. Powerful members have included President Taft, the first and second President Bush, the founder of Time magazine, the founder of FedEx

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